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Up The Sluts

luxury is the income tax of vanity
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This is a rating community for people who have:
a) sex appeal
b) fashion
c) a cool personality.
Don't bother trying to join if you're a prude, or if you have low self esteem, because that's not hot. At all.

APPLICATION (post this with at least 3 pictures of yourself)
1. Name.
2. Age.
3. Name a few of your favorite bands.
4. Describe your personal style.
5. List a few of your Hobbies/Interests.
6. What is your favorite alcoholic drink?
7. What is the wildest thing you have ever done?
8. What do you think of yourself?

The code for an lj cut is <*lj-cut text="Whatever you want it to say"*> without the stars.

You cannot post until you are accepted.

If you are accepted, a maintainer will post on your application entry with the ACCEPTED banner. If you are rejected, a maintainer will post on your application with the REJECTED banner. That is your cue to LEAVE.