ZOE DIAMOND. (kinderwhorrible) wrote in trashy_couture,


1. Name. zoe
2. Age. 18
3. Name a few of your favorite bands. anything .anything rock n roll ..80s.electroclash crust.
4. Describe your personal style.: um i like customizing my clothes.. altered band shirts..thrift store/indieish ..mini skirts..haha "paris hilton skirts" ,edgy but still stylish..
5. List a few of your Hobbies/Interests.
6. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? smirnoff vodka,jack daniels
7. What is the wildest thing you have ever done? i dont know.. run away for three months with my bf traveling california BEING HOMELESS having adventures everyday, then run away again and move in for five months with a crackhead computer nerd that i barely met that same day,lose my virginity in a "CAVE", fighting with samoans and crazy black girls, tried to runaway from rehab and had the COPS bring me back, having sex EVERYWHERE you can imagine even in front of his MOM ,getting hit by a car um that is not wild that is sad.. ..fuck i can go on forever i will stop now..
8. What do you think of yourself? probly too confident for my own good

( uh im the girl with the straight hair)

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