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1. Name. nyuff
2. Age.20
3. Name a few of your favorite bands. i am x, joy division, sneaker pimps, placebo, the faint, m83, suede, test icicles, she wants revenge
4. Describe your personal style. i like plain black dresses, and fake fur, shiny things, stars, umm and those little black jackets, faded colours or bright ones or preferably a mix of them, and a bit of leopard print, some 80's accessoires...but i haven't really cared about my looks recently. i was too pissed of for that...
5. List a few of your Hobbies/Interests. i like sitting on the bus or wlaking in the city, being high on something and just listening to my walkmen. yea thats pretty cool. 
6. What is your favorite alcoholic drink? anything goes. ermm i prefer beer and tequila, and cuba libre mmm
7. What is the wildest thing you have ever done? eh i really don't know what do you mean wild... well i've done some weird thing at high school:)
8. What do you think of yourself? erm thats a touchy point... :) i t

piccies. i've only got a few ones.

yea i'm not very stylish as i've already told you...."

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