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invited -

1. [Name] - Jasmine
2. [Age]- 18
3. [Name a few of your favorite bands] - joy division,manic street preachers,the ramones,cheerleader,motley crue,the doors,the unicorns,death from above,the hives,velvet revolver,AC/DC,NWA,new york dolls,black sabbath,
4. [Describe your personal style]- rock n roll muthafucka!
5. [List a few of your Hobbies/Interests]- play guitar,partying,drinking(mm jackie D),drugs,all the things rockstars do
6. [What is your favorite alcoholic drink?] J.D & Coke - OR - smirnoff ice
7. [What is the wildest thing you have ever done] - i dont think i can pick one i mean theres been many times ive done something thats crazy/stupid.
8. [What do you think of yourself?] - im pretty fucking trashy/sleezy
okay i hope these are the most recent photos of me im not sober in any of them so there not gonna be the best.

im the one with the blonde hair by the way.(yeah i know i look like i have no neck)

i wear my black sabbath shirt alot.
i have more photos if you need them.
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